Saturday, February 16, 2013

This story was sent anonymously to the web site.  It emphasizes how important it is for the survivor to find out the whole story, however dark it may be.

My mother told me when I was 12 that I was a twin. She was the case of what she thought to be a singleton pregnancy, but she had a miscarriage at 20 weeks. The doctor had reassured her she was expecting twins and one had survived. That being me. When I was younger I always tended to do more boy things - aka ride dirt bikes, get dirty, never liked anything girly until I was 12, when my mom told me that I had a twin brother. The part that gets me is I've never believed fully in spirits until I was 12 and there was a boy spirit, the same age as me, who had dark circles around his eyes and usually had dirty clothes and his hood up. I'm 22 now and this spirit has followed me around. I never spoke of it, in case every one thought I was crazy. I became pregnant at 18 and I had to pee a lot. One night the spirit was in the bathroom. He touched my shoulder, took off his hood, looked at me and walked away. I woke up my boyfriend and told him everything - how could I not? Since I told him, he has seen this spirit. One night, someone knocked at the door while we were watching a movie and my then fiancé answered the door to a weird shadow with a look in his eyes that my fiancé said was like looking into your eyes but a sad, sad man. So I brought this to my mom about this spirit and how he is extremely sad, and if I should know something about anything before reaching out to this spirit. I found out that my mother lost my twin because my father had abused her. When I went home I lay down and couldn't even get my self together. I've watched my twin grow along side me for ever, I was scared of him, but the next time I saw the spirit his eyes looked bright.
Do you ever see spirits? Do you hear voices?  Has anyone every diagnosed you as mentally ill?  Maybe you are a womb twin survivor.....

Here is a  story about an unfortunate misdiagnosis that meant time spent in hospital........

Misdiagnosed as "Schizophrenic"Anonymous
It all began at the age of fifteen when I fell madly in love with a girl in my class. I was in love with her for almost two years. At that time I was too afraid to tell her.
After those two years, I suddenly became anxious and uncertain about myself and I didn't understand why. These feelings went on for about two weeks. Then one Sunday morning when I woke up, my world had completely changed. I didn't know who I was anymore. It was as if my brain had forgotten me overnight. Some other symptoms appeared. I was only able to see in two dimensions. It was as if I was looking through a window that showed a two-dimensional image. I couldn't see it any differently. This was how I saw the world. Something else was happening: it seemed like my voice was sitting in the back of my head.
Read it here on my womb twin survivors web site

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