Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Womb twin healing - it can happen!

Monica on the US womb twin blog has a great story for you!
Following the post below, here is an example of a 58 yr old womb twin survivor who literally went through hell and had to find her own way because, until Womb Twin Survivor syndrome was established by Althea Hayton a few years ago, being misdiagnosed with a dissociative disorder and thrown in a psychiatric hospital was how they treated the symptoms of her womb twin survivor syndrome. Many womb twin survivors have received shock treatments, heavy medications and loads of ineffective/wrong advice since therapists aren't trained specifically for this. Anyway, over time, her curiosity and alpha survivor spirit found its way through many modalities and years of self discovery leading her to the womb twin healing path just two years ago and already today she feels at peace because she knows what it is: she's a womb triplet survivor and that explains everything! 

I'm not sure even now what "Womb twin survivor syndrome" is or may be, but we do certainly  know that there are characteristic signs.  This lady shows many of them, so her story may be worth reading.

A womb twin survivors training workshop for therapists in St Albans, England.

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