Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your oestrogen-testosterone balance

Dizygotic twins of the opposite sex can share sex hormones, if the two placentas become fused.  Two placentas fused into one is a common outcome when only one twin survives. The survivor can also be a chimera, with two sets of DNA.
One of the illustrations from "WOMB TWIN SURVIVORS"

The sole survivor of this scenario may have additional opposite sex hormone, so a man may have too much oestrogen and a woman may have too much testosterone.

The result is that your brain may be a mixture of male and female.

How balances is YOUR brain?

Try this test to find out:

I am (or rather, I believe that I am) a DZ womb twin survivor and my twin was male, probably aborted at around 13 weeks. The result of the BBC test revealed that I have a balance of both male and female traits, which is exactly what would be expected - another tiny piece of evidence for me!
If you are like me and anxious to gather every piece of evidence you can, try this test if you think your twin was probably of the opposite sex to you.

Do leave a comment to let me know how you got on!

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