Friday, April 12, 2013

Borderline personality disorder - what is it?

Borderline personality disorder: Borderline personality disorder is commonly seen in all psychiatric and medical settings. It is marked by instability of self-image, mood, behavior, and relationships.

Histrionic personality disorder may represent a subgroup of borderline personality disorder patients who share the emotional volatility and instability in relationships.

People with borderline personality disorder are hypersensitive. They tend to believe that they were deprived of adequate care during childhood and consequently feel empty, angry, and entitled to nurturing. As a result, they relentlessly seek care and are sensitive to its perceived absence. Their relationships tend to be intense and dramatic. When feeling cared for, they appear like lonely waifs who seek help for their depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, somatic complaints, and past mistreatments. When they fear loss of the caring person, they frequently express inappropriate and intense anger. These mood shifts are typically accompanied by extreme shifts in their view of the world, themselves, and other people—eg, from bad to good, from hated to loved. When they are upset or feel self-hatred, they often harm themselves. When they feel abandoned, they dissociate, have brief episodes of psychotic thinking, or become desperately impulsive, sometimes engaging in suicidal acts.

Patients with borderline personality initially tend to evoke intense, nurturing responses in caregivers, but after repeated crises, vague unfounded complaints, and failures to adhere to therapeutic recommendations, these patients can evoke hostile, negative responses.

Borderline personality disorder is likely to remit (in about 50% by 2 yr and 85% by 10 yr), and once it remits, it usually does not relapse. However, this reduction of symptoms is not associated with a comparable improvement in social functioning. After 10 yr, only about 20% have stable relationships or full-time employment.
Have you been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?   What is it and why do you have it? have you searched for years and years to find out what is wrong with you but all the time you knew you were not crazy??

Well, we have found that the  "symptoms" of Borderline Personality disorder and very similar to the characteristic psychological signs of being a womb twin survivor. ( see the questionnaire here) 

Perhaps after all you are not crazy at all - perhaps there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  Perhaps you are a womb twin survivor!

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