Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a blog place for your womb twin

Anjy, a womb twin survivor,  has made a special place for Enjy, her womb twin.  It is a blog.

This is what she says....
This is really my twin's Enjy's place, not mine. S/He does not have any other place in this world. S/He was miscarried at age four months in the womb. We were twins and made to be together for years and we were torn apart within seconds. This is the place where I go to talk to him/her and about him/her. Anyone who has lost a twin in utero or very early is very welcome here to read and share. Anjy
Here is what she says about the Dream of the Womb:

 It's not like I remember going shopping the day before yesterday and never finding that yellow jumper I wanted so badly. It's more like a picture that's saved somewhere in my brain, in a region words have no access to. I can see it all at once, in one piece, but when I try to describe it, things become blurry. I guess, this is what it must be like if you see something with your eyes and have no words to attach to it. So this is what hides behind the words I now have to use and hadn't at that time.

There are many other ways to remember your twin, especially the Womb Twin online memorial page [here]

But a blog can help, if you want to tell your story.

Would you like to make a place on the net to talk about your twin? Here is a page of advice that will help you do it.

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