Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Womb Twin survivors discovered in a nursing home

Being a womb twin survivor is a lifelong thing - the youngest person who has ever come to us for help was eleven at the time and the eldest is in her eighties.  And of course there are the children and the babies.  I have just heard that some womb twin survivors have been unearthed in a nursing home in Tennessee. I suppose I should not be surprised but I couldn't help being just a little....

What happened was that the artist who painted the wonderful images for the Two Little Birds


was asked to go into local nursing homes to read the story and show the pictures...

She told me:
 I am reading Two Little Birds this morning at 4 different nursing homes for senior citizens. The residents are from ages 80-103 years of age. A head nurse called me and asked me if I would mind reading it to book clubs.It will be interesting to hear their discussion on Two Little Birds! I will let you know if any interesting conversation comes I up about twins. I imagine there is so much in their hearts!

After her visit she told me
Had to let you know that the response from the nursing home residents was amazing from the reading of Two Little Birds. I wish you could have been there. Several talked about having been a twin and others who thought that they might have been. We even read the last pages in the book. I stayed for over 2 hours with each place listening to their stories about twins. Was so beautiful and sweet.

 The last pages explain twins of various kinds, using teddy bears:
an example

There is more on this page, useful for the very young and it seems, for the very old also!

See here

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