Friday, May 03, 2013

A hoarder with a womb twin survivor son

This programme about hoarding - "The Hoarder next door" is very revealing of the huge amount of emotional pain that is buried along with the stuff.

View programme here

Hoarders don't wear their hearts on their sleeves - they live surrounded by pain and sorrow, trapped in an unending cycle of moving their emotional stuff around but never letting it go.

Hoarding appeared as a result of the womb twin survivors questionnaire, (started in 2007 and now with almost 1000 respondents who have definite proof their twin. ) We now know that about half of womb twin survivors have a problems with hoarding, to the extent that at least one room in their home, including a shed or garage, is completely full of stuff.

The hoarders on the various TV shows invariably speak about the loss of a loved one, or some other kind of loss.

Here are some hoarders shows on you tube - very dramatic, no doubt.




But are they missing the point?


And more obviously, here is the story of single mother Susan, who had twins and one died.
VIEW here

So taken up are they with the drama of this mother's grief at the loss of her baby twin,  that  she has forgotten the fact that for 15 years she has crowded out her son, the surviving twin, so he has no space to live. He has been very unhappy because she is unhappy. It's all about her.  He has just taken it, gently and kindly.

When will people notice that the grief of losing a twin is shared also by the sole survivor? Why must it always be to do with the mother and father?

Where is the TV documentary about womb twin survivors?

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