Saturday, May 18, 2013

Depression and the womb twin survivor

Now here is an interesting idea: The daughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury, no less, has been depressed since she was a teenager.

watch a BBC news broadcast of her speaking about her depression

  • If someone has everything anyone could wish, a loving family and no money troubles but remains sad and miserable every day
  • If someone broke up with their partner, went home, left their job and did nothing but think on death and ways to die
  • If some one is now struggling to survive and often does not remember to breathe
Is it possible that this person may be a womb twin survivor?

But wait !! There is so much more we can do than offer them pills and therapy!

What if
  • We explored the possibility that people with depression are womb twin survivors using this list.
  • We looked carefully at this person's psychology using this ebook as a guide.
  •  We gave these individuals plenty of information about  how womb twin survivors feel, even when they know nothing of their twin using these books
Then we set them off on a healing path so they can find out exactly why they find it so painful simply to be alive, and why they must live half a life, be half alive and never realise their potential?

Now wouldn't that be a good result!

If you have been depressed and find that the womb twin work has helped, ( or not) please post a comment.  Thanks!

The book that makes a difference. Got yours yet?

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