Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The evil twin - is this your story?

Black egg

My shell is black and invisible in blackness
I lurk in disguise and move stealthily
You see - I do not exist.

Tread gently on my eggshell lest you break me open
For inside there is a terrible truth that no one must see.
I dare not look within.

Do not break me! I will fight and bleed to the end,
For I will not let the Thing within me have life!
The unseen Thing must not be released!

But see! My shell is breaking and with it breaks my heart.
They looked inside while I averted my eyes in fear-
If I look, then I must die!

They told me that the shell is white within
And filled with loss and love and longing:
I did not believe them.

But they insisted and they told me to believe
That within the egg was joy and life.
But I would not see.

But the shell cracked wide open and in it was life
And joy and creativity, locked away for a thousand years!
I began to see…..

My shell, my heart, my life was black, but only on the surface -
Inside, where my innocent origins lay
Was always perfectly pure.


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