Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The vanishing twin and the radiologist

This story illustrates very clearly how the issue of a vanishing twin is a highly emotional issue and if badly handled (ie without empathy) by the professionals involved, the loss of a twin is made so much more painful.

Here is Mum, experiencing symptoms that may suggest that her twin pregnancy is at risk. She already knew that "Baby B" was in trouble.

Then two days later came the bad news: Baby B had gone.

This a training issue.

Wake up, radiologists! Read up the articles about this, and be more careful when you talk to parents when a twin seems to " vanish".  Of course the little twin has died. The sole survivor will always carry a memory. That is the truth that  no one speaks about.

The loss of a twin is hard for the parents. Never forget that.

(And the sole survivor - but if they can't even talk about the mother's loss, then what hope is there that the sole survivor will ever be heard?)

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