Sunday, May 12, 2013

This hoarder surely is a womb twin survivor!

IN her blog: How to read the metaphor behind the madness, Sue Hannibal writes:
“Cynthia” was in her early 40’s and morbidly obese. Her husband brought her in because her hoarding was threatening to destroy their marriage. Cynthia had recently lost a baby, her second miscarriage. Her hoarding, like so many others depicted on the A & E show “Hoarders” and TLC’s “Hoarders: Buried Alive” was rooted in the emptiness of grief and loss, compounded by abandonment, deprivation and loss in her own childhood. No wonder she was filling herself and the house as fast as she could.

Yes yes, its grief, but  what if that greif has been there all her life, since before she was born?

Its easy to find out if you are a womb twin survivor, but I am sure no one has asked " Cynthia."

There is the questionnaire, and also this free ebook:

How to find out if you are a womb twin survivor

One day soon it will be the question they will all be asking - is it possible that this persin with problems is a womb twin survivor?  We have the answers now, but no one has yet thought of asking the question.

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