Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Twin Bred" Vol 2 - a new book that explores the bond between twins

Scientist Mara Cadell created the Twin-Bred -- pairs of fraternal twins, one human and one Tofa -- to bridge the profound and dangerous gap between the human colonists on Tofarn and the indigenous Tofa. Unexpectedly, it is the Tofa host mothers who now claim the capacity to bring peace between the two. The Twin-Bred themselves have been forced to abandon their mission and their planet, in the hope of finding a less hostile home. Only one pair remain behind, seeking to build new and separate lives with their own kind. But Mara and the Twin-Bred should know by now that plans provide little protection. New challenges are in store for all the Twin-Bred, and for those whose lives they touch.

This book was published  some time ago.  It is about womb twin survivors. This is how this book came to be
As for how and why I wrote the book: that story starts with the first book, Twin-Bred. I read an article about womb twin survivors. I'd never heard or read anything about the subject before, and found it fascinating, as well as deeply sad. I had lost a brother, though not a twin, a few years before, and had never been able to resolve some of the emotional issues between us, a
fact which may have left me more open to some distant understanding of how womb twin survivors might feel.

At the same time, I somehow came up with the idea of trying to resolve communication difficulties between two sentient species by arranging for host mothers to carry fraternal twins, one from each species. What would inspire a scientist to come up with this approach? Well, perhaps if she were a twin -- or better yet, a twin who had lost her brother, and knew through the experience of loss just how important that bond could be. . . .
Now there is a sequel

 Karen Wyle  talks about the  sequel:
I wrote the sequel, Reach: a Twin-Bred novel, because I still cared about the characters and wanted to keep telling their story.

 (It didn't hurt that many of Twin-Bred's reviews requested or demanded a sequel.)

 The end of Twin-Bred left room for a sequel -- but until I embarked on it, I really didn't know which secondary characters would assume important roles, nor where anyone would end up. One particular delight, for me as the author, was the discovery of why certain events in Twin-Bred itself took place.

Reach continues to explore the bond between twins, including those who are not both corporeally present.

A very interesting read!

Available today from Amazon ( Kindle version also available)

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