Sunday, June 16, 2013

A womb twin survivor on Dr Phil's TV show?

The Dr Phil programme that went out on June 11th rang a bell with one of the readers of this blog:

Yesterday's show really rang a bell. It was about a woman who overstepped boundaries with a female friend, becoming overly clingy, needy, and claiming to be "in love" with her. The show was about histrionic personality disorder, but before that was even mentioned, I could tell that this woman is a womb twin survivor.

This woman is simply trying to make her friend into a surrogate twin.

So many "personality disorders" have a basis in reality. I am sure of that.

If you watch this show PLEASE do write to Dr Phil and put him in touch with me - its hard because I am in England, so I do need someone who is in a similar time zone etc, to make the first contact.

Can you help?  Why has there never been a TV programme about womb twin survivors?


Let's get onto it today! (Write to Dr Phil here)

he may not respond to lne email but what if 50 of you readers sent in this message: ( or something similar)

" Why is there never any mention of womb twin survivors on your show?  One in every 10 people is a womb twin survivor so there are plenty of people who would be very interested."

This all I got in 2008 - just 20 secs on the news and a 1000 hits on my web site in just a few hours...... absolutely nothing since.


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