Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are you a womb twin survivor? -(1) Where to begin.....

I get stories almost every day from individuals who have just discovered or realised the truth, that they were not alone in the womb.

They contact me via the womb twin survivors web site and I send an email that list the various links that may be helpful:
  • This blog
But this is not all- there are a multitude of ways to get the information you need to move forward. To make things clearer I have created four healing steps, which are described on my web site.

Step One

A starter quiz
Are you a womb twin survivor?  10 questions that may help you to decide.

The research questionnaire
Over two thousand people have completed this questionnaire since 2007. It takes a few minutes to complete but it is a chance for you to consider in depth  the various physical or psychological indications that you are the sole survivor of a twin or multiple conception. It is invaluable for my research, which continues. I now have over 1000 completed questionnaires from people with physical proof of their twin, so the statistical analysis is becoming more and more focused and accurate.

Over the last the years I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and it is available in various forms. One is a series of short articles, some of which have been sent to me for publication. 
Useful external links
Ii the process of  carrying out  my research I found many useful and interesting sites to explore on the various aspects of this fascinating subject:

The research projectThe womb twin research project is unique in the world.  It has been made possible so far because of the willing participation of thousands of individuals.  The results are set out for your benefit and  the project will continue, as long as people are prepared to come forward and take part. Thank you, everyone!
The book
UNTWINNED: The first book in the womb twin series 



The day I woke up

On one amazing day a few years ago, I became aware of something about myself that had never occurred to me before. Until that day, I had been trying very hard in life but getting nowhere. Somewhere in the back of my mind, there was Something I had to do. This feeling haunted me always. All my life I had been trying to find out what it was. It felt like I was on a treadmill and I couldn’t get off. I knew I had gifts and talents but however hard I tried they never came to much. I had a great sense of “mission” but I did not know what it was. Day followed day, year followed year. I was getting nowhere fast, still yearning for that elusive Something, which seemed to be the source of all happiness and yet was always just out of my reach.

On that wonderful day, standing in my own kitchen, I experienced a life-changing moment. I suddenly just KNEW that in the womb I once had a twin. This idea resonated into every corner of my being. Intuitively, I felt this was real, even though there was absolutely no proof. Everything was clear at last.

That single, incredible discovery has changed my life completely. A process of healing was triggered almost at once, for at last I knew what that Something was that I had been searching for all my life: it was my lost twin brother. I had only known him in the womb, so I called him my “wombtwin”. In that moment, a new idea was born. If I was a wombtwin survivor, then there may be many others like me in the world. I could try and find them.

It gradually became clear that every day I had been reliving my lost memories of the womb - which I called “My Dream of the Womb.” In this dream was a sense of loss and emotional pain that was very familiar but until then had never been explained. I left my counselling job and decided to take a sabbatical to explore this important but neglected mental health issue, which had never been mentioned in all my years of training.

(Step 2 coming in a few days - watch this space......)

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