Monday, June 24, 2013

Are you a womb twin survivor? (2) the next step

The second step is to try and reconstruct your own womb story. Making your story helps to get everything into perspective, not just the brief life you once had with your twin but how you feel today and what is was like when you were a child.

Reading personal accounts of other womb twin survivors helps you to feel normal.

Share your story with other womb twin survivors on our Yahoo group

Send me your story to be published on my Womb Twin survivors web site 

A collection of stories to download as a pdf

•    Read dozens of other brief personal accounts of what it is like to be a womb twin survivor on the Womb Twin Web Site

Share your story on our Facebook group

A book 
that can help
70 personal stories by womb twin survivors
Published by Wren Publications
Helpful books that can change lives

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