Sunday, June 30, 2013

Are you a womb twin survivor ? (4) healing

Womb twin survivors spend their lives re-enacting the life and death of their womb twin. Nothing appears to be more important than that, even life itself.

Once the real pre-birth scene, which is being constantly re-enacted, is made clear, then the re-enactment tends to diminish or cease altogether, greatly to the benefit of the individual.

1) Read the book:
2) Ask me for help

I am in a good position to offer specialist information, help and support to womb twin survivors.
Not only am I a womb twin survivor myself, but I have worked with many hundreds of womb twin survivors since the Womb Twin project began in 2003.

The womb twin work is adapted for each individual, and can take place by email, Skype chat, Skype video or telephone. This style of working is helpful and therapeutic but is not psychotherapy or counselling in the usual sense of the word. It is a form of guided self-healing. Nevertheless, I am a qualified counsellor and use my counselling skills to work to the high professional and ethical standards that I was trained to follow. See terms and conditions here.

The work consists of a two-way conversation, with both parties on an equal footing. I will listen to your story carefully while intervening with any relevant information. This may be about twinning and the prenatal state; the normal psychological reactions of womb twin survivors as far as the present research results seem to show and occasionally some of my personal experiences as a womb twin survivor, if this information can help. I may also suggest practical exercises to be carried out during the session or at a later time.

3) Can't afford the paperback?   Try the e-book.....

The PDF book that will be your guide to healing


4)  This is how the healing feels

After reading the introduction to your book, I cried because it felt like reading the story of my life. Being determined to accept how losing my twin has impacted my life, I ordered it and since, my life has changed. I have accepted that I lost my twin before birth and I feel more at peace with it now. Sometimes, I feel her presence, which I hadn't done before. I have also found a name, or nickname for her. I had only talked about my womb twin to a few people whereas I am open about it now. I don't want it to be taboo and who knows ?  I might reach out to another womb twin survivor who could need some guidance or information.

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