Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elvis, hoarding and a womb twin survivor?

An episode of Hoarding buried alive speaks to me more strongly than any other about being a womb twin survivor. I found that hoarding tendencies are strong among womb twin survivors.

This man is a sweet harmless individual who is absolutely aware of the disgrace, the awful nature of his surroundings. He is self aware and able to express himself. But he doesn't know what is going through his head.

For this man there is no denial, he is absolutely aware of what he has been doing.

"The real Cary doesn't exist anymore."

He is stuck ABSOLUTELY in his beta space. He knows he is in a terrible mess and completely in love with Elvis, a womb twin survivor. IN many ways he has become Elvis.

He knows he will die because of his compulsion - but that is all part of the plan. It was triggered by a loss - the loss of his job and his former identity as a PE teacher.

But as the episode continue a dark energy arises and is expressed by their friends.

His friends become filled with aggression, they complain and yell loudly, and begin to accuse him.

This is a well known effect - that people who are suppressing a feeling (in my view, in his case his strong Alpha male energy) will evoke it in others.

Having done that, he then cries, elicits a stung empathetic reaction, and that is deeply satisfying for him.

Its in the bedroom - the place of unresolved grief -that the greatest pain lies.

The worst thing is when people " dont get it?.

I do honestly believe that I get it. I once worked with a hoarder - a major hoarder who had filled his house- and he did react very well to the idea that he was a womb twin survivor, but then I lost him and he hid away inside his hoard. he wont let anyone in now.

There are some excellent psychologists who work successfully with hoarders but they never mention the possibility of a pre-birth influence, simply because no psychologist do, unless they are specialists. And even the specialists, many of whom are womb twin survivors themselves, do not mention it either.

"Frustration" dos not come near to describing my feelings.

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