Thursday, July 18, 2013

A womb twin survivor starving to death - and no one knows why.

This lovely young woman would LOVE to be fatter again. She is starving herself to death and has no idea why she is doing this to herself.

And it hurts her terribly, you can see it in her tears.

This is how weak she is. This is her life, a non-life.

If this woman is a womb twin survivor, there is some hope for her.

Her first step will be to realise that she is a womb twin survivor and complete the questionnaire.

The next step is to realise that she is faced with a life and death choice. Does she doe and go to be with her twin in the place beyond death, or does she choose life?

The final step will be to be grateful for her life and for that she will  need to forgive hersekf for the sin of being the one to live.

The rest will happen quite naturally. No need for forced feeding.

In this book there is the story of a woman with 19 years of anorexia who made a complete and permanent recovery once she realised that she is a womb twin survivor.

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