Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anorexia and the emptiness inside - if only......

This girl with anorexia is evidently struggling to live, but has spent many years trying to die. She knows that binging is her attempt to fill the screaming emptiness inside.

It's a womb twin survivor thing.......

Here is her song and her story of how she broke out.....

If only.....

If only the doctors who tried to help her, her parents and her therapist gave her a simple checklist like the questionnaire for example:

If only they would downloaded the list of physical signs, available for free via my womb twin survivors web site:

Download PDF

Then they would understand.  When we see someone with anorexia there is a very good chance that the  reason why he or she is trying to die and struggling to live, is because  of being a womb twin survivor.

It's a life and death thing, after all.

But how to tell them? Any suggestions?

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