Monday, August 12, 2013

Story 12: I prefer male company to female

Mums labour lasted 3 days and ended with a cesarian section as I didn't come naturally. Mum says I was kicking high up in her chest area.  Otherwise, I have no evidence that I was once a twin.
I am female but liked boys shoes when younger. If doing fancy dress, I always have dressed as a male character. Always longed for a brother or sister.

I almost wished for my dad to have another child somewhere so I could have a half sibling. I prefer male company to female.

I get a great feeling of comfort if something is touching my back when I sleep. I can't bear to see other people unhappy and always imagine being able to sort it out for them.

I get upset at silly things - eg my daughter is not dancing her ballet at our local dance Fest this year after 8 years and I am upset by this, even though she is doing other dances at the same place.

I have a fascination with twins. I have 2 identical dogs, 2 children. I have been known to buy things in 2's - eg can't leave 1 soft toy on a shelf, I have to have both.

I have longed for a brother or sister all of my life. Became very distressed when relatives used to leave after a visit when I was younger.

 This person is most probably the sole survivor of a dizygotic ( two- egg) pregnancy.

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