Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Story 21: There was another gestational sac to be seen

This story is about my 12 year old son. On an early ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks there was another gestational sac to be seen, although not living.
The past few years he has been having emotional issues and issues with sleeping alone, creating bad/scary thought/pictures in his mind - afraid of being or getting sick, a big fear of being
rejected and so on...

He has also been longing for "his" brother. My son is the first born, having a full sister 2 years
younger and then a "half" sister 6 years younger. And when he received another half sister on his father's side (with new girlfriend) he totally lost it and screamed and cried.

Even before he knew it was a girl (he did know that his fathers girlfriend was in labor) he got a sudden rash over his body (the school called me) but it disappeared.  Then when I picked
him up and congratulated him with his new sister, he cried sooo deeply but was so disappointed and felt very guilty for feeling this.

Since then he has talked often about wanting a brother....HIS brother.


Two little birds hatched out of the same egg 
but only one of them was strong enough to fly....


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