Friday, August 23, 2013

Story 23: I always wanted a twin

I have always wanted a twin ALWAYS and each pregnancy I have had (5 - 2 miscarriages and 3 children) I was a little disappointed that none of them where twins.
I always wanted to be a twin and when I was younger I had imaginary friends in my head who were twin girls which I had forgotten about until I came across information on twin-less twins.

I feel as though I'm missing something that I cannot be completely happy something isn't there and I don't know what it is.  When I talk to myself in my mind I always seem to say we need to do this instead of I need to do this I don't no maybe im just a little crazy, or maybe it's because I was a twin - who knows?

When my mum was pregnant with me she was 27 and she was pretty big and her midwife said that she could be pregnant with twins but obviously when she was scanned at 12 weeks there was just me. She didn't have bleeds or anything abnormal about the pregnacy.

I have a lot to be proud of I have a husband who is my best friend he is amazing and loves me so much I have 3 healthy children I have a car and my own home.  Money is a little tight but apart from that I should be really happy and proud that I have all these thing people who don't crave for and yet it's not good enough there is something missing the last part of the jigsaw but what??

I am left handed which came up in the questions and from my own research I have found this to be possibly linked to being a twin. If someone was to tell me - yep you had a twin - (I feel my twin would have been my identical twin sister) I would feel a sense of relief because this is my answer.

The thing I am missing is my twin sister and would be a sort of weight off my shoulders and I would feel I could move on because I have my answer and she is my missing jigsaw piece and at the
same time I would feel a loss and a sadness.


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