Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Just beginning to wonder if you are a womb twin survivor or not?

My ten-year research project to discover the psychological profile of a womb twin survivor has provided us with a simple way to find out if there is just a chance that you are a womb twin survivor.
Of course there are many physical signs, the full list to be found here:

PHYSICAL SIGNS of a twin pregnancy

Another way is to taker a simple quiz

Take the quiz here:

These are the questions: 

1. All my life I have felt as if something is missing

2. I fear rejection

3. I know I am not realizing my true potential

4. I feel different from other people

5. I have been searching for something all my life but I don’t know what it is

6. Deep down, I feel alone, even when I am among friends

7. I fear abandonment

8. I have a problem with anger, there is too much or too little

9. I always feel in some way unsatisfied, but I don't know why

10. There are two very different sides to my character


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  2. Is it possible that the parents never knew they were having twins at all so when one of them 'vanished' they never noticed it either?

    I'm asking this as I have a lingering gut feeling that I may be a womb twin survivor but my parents both deny it so....