Monday, October 14, 2013

Hoarding, clutter and womb twin survivos

Since 2007 I have had a questionnaire devoted to hoarders and clutterers. The reason why is that for some unaccountable reason, nearly half of the respondents to the general womb twin questionnaire  agreed strongly with this statement:

At least one room in my home, including a shed or garage, is completely full of stuff.

Now I am at a loss as to how being a womb twin survivor may make you a hoarder of stuff.  So one of the questions asks the rspondents to hazard a guess as to the reasons why they hold on to stuff.

Here are some of these remarks:

I feel like holding onto my things keeps me safe. Since I lost my twin, I don't want to lose anything else. I'm in control of my clutter. I may not be able to control anything else in my life, but I can control MY stuff -- what I do with it, where I put it, how I use it, and what I keep.
When I'm out at a place like Goodwill or some place like, that I feel like I'm leaving something behind if I leave with nothing or part of something but not the other.
I feel as though these items are an important part of my personal history. I feel as though one day I might want to reflect back on my life by looking through the items. When I start going through them they remind me of people and events in the past, and I like that feeling. If I lose them, I am losing part of my past.
One of the reasons I keep so many books and papers is maybe to do with my search for reading about others' struggles. I think it helps me to feel not alone, in my life's striving to feel I am a whole and a happy person. The self help books and spiritual books are a way out - searching for a freedom from insecurity and the fear of abandonment that has shown itself so often over the past 7 years.
 My womb was a mess and so I don't feel uncomfortable when it is messy. I don't clutter, but don't tidy up often. I live in a one room apartment. When I had more space, I always kept at least one room clean for visitors. Now it's cramped and always somewhat messy, though I know exactly where everything is. Ah, yes, I don't like cleaning, because then I have to deal with the filth and because my twin was in my sac and deteriorated and it was filthy, I wanted nothing to do with the filth, so I don't want anything to do with it now and try to avoid handling it by cleaning as much as I can. Hope it helps, though I am not a clutterer.

Another interesting result of this survey so far is that the room most likely to be very cluttered is  the  respondent's bedroom or study. The personal space.

Click here to take the survey now. The survey was created with survey software.

Do you have any view on why womb twin survivors are likely to be hoarders?

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