Saturday, January 11, 2014

Training therapists how to work with womb twin survivors

It is clear that womb twin survivors need appropriate and specialist help from any therapist they may seek out for help.

Some womb twin survivors spend a great deal of money on therapies that don't help with therapists who don't understand.

As her last task on behalf of the womb twin survivors project, Althea is putting together a PDF ebook, which will provide a simple set of healing steps which every womb twin survivor must make, regardless of the way their twin ( or other womb mates) died and regardless of the kind of therapy that is being employed to help them.

As a reader of this blog, you are probably a womb twin survivor yourself, and have probably tried some forms of therapy which have helped to a certain extent. You may also be some kind of therapist yourself, or at least have some ideas about how therapy should be delivered to womb twin survivors as a distinct group.

Whatever your experiences and opinions, Althea would like to hear them.  Here is a form to enable you to do this:

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