Monday, February 03, 2014

My little womb twin survivor

 A mother sent us this story: (see here)

My -3year-old son has recently been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. When he was younger, he used to say he was a girl but now he asserts that he is a boy. More recently, he often talks about "Anna". She is a girl and she is lonely. Initially I thought she could be an imaginary friend but now I'm not so sure.

He is very clear about her. She is in the bugs and the birds and all around us. my son finds it difficult to mix with his peers and though he is nearly 4 he is still very emotionally attached to me and reluctant to step out more (eg, clingy on playdates, not wanting to go to playschool etc).

My Mother has identical younger twin sisters and she had fraternal twin sons (my half-brothers). I had a very traumatic car crash in which the car was a write-off, when I was 2 months pregnant with my son.

I suppose what I am wondering is could Anna be his lost twin sister?

I have come across the "vanishing" or "lost twin" phenomenon in family constellations.

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