Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why do womb twin survivors keep lots of stuff?

Here are some reasons why womb twin survivors have a tendency to keep lots of stuff in their personal space.

Keeping emails of others and lists about psychological signs and symptoms helps me to find find out who I others see me and how I feel about myself in different situations and times... looking at photographs of me always gives me the feeling that I was really there...otherwise it would have been someone else... keeping books and lists about my own preferences and aversions make me feel more complete...
My clutter is good and bad. I have clutter of letters and photos from since I was ten. That's good clutter, its nice. The bad clutter is how stuff accumulates in my room and I end up having no room to move in my bedroom cause I have thrown stuff all around the room and trampled on stuff and i cant move or breathe. It feels disgusting but also real. That clutter is one that happens regularly and yet I dont feel its me, or an identification of me, unless someone sees it.

I think I hold onto things because I feel they connect me with the past even if I am unsettled by the connection.

My clutter is something I love, because, I like things around me. But when I am restless I always starting to clean and order my clutter.
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