Monday, March 24, 2014

The death of a twin before birth: cerebral palsy

This article published in 2000 says:

Death of One Twin Before Birth Leaves Survivor at High Risk for Cerebral Palsy

May 8, 2000 -- British researchers have determined that when one twin dies before birth, the surviving twin is left with a 20% greater risk for cerebral palsy and other brain impairments than when both twins survive. The findings were reported in the May 5 issue of the British medical journal The Lancet.
 Experts have known that when one twin dies before birth, risk of cerebral impairment is higher for the surviving twin, according to Mary Jane Platt, MD, senior lecturer in the department of public health at the University of Liverpool, England. "Where the surviving twin is the same sex as the [fetus who died], the risk appears even higher," she tells WebMD on behalf of lead author P.O.D. Pharoah, emeritus professor of public health, at the University. "[The data] indicate that we need a greater understanding of twin development during pregnancy."


  1. Do they mean"same sex, fraternal"? Seems so, since identical always are the same sex and this would indeed call for more understating because state of art has it that fraternal are "just siblings who accidentally share the womb" and no close contact is to be expected.

  2. well, what is it now? Same sex fraternal or identical and therefore same sex?

    1. The article doesn't say - ( take a loo at the article by following the link.) when researchers work with databases of twin births, they usually group the same sex fraternal twins together with the identical twins.. Its mentioned in my book Womb Twin Survivors.