Monday, May 05, 2014

Ovulation stimulants, tripletsr and the womb twin survivors that result

Clomid helps ovulation and is vital for women who find it hard to conceive. They doctors can take the eggs and fertilise them outside the womb.

Now the number of identical twins among the  IVF pregnancies is much higher than the average of 2 per thousand births. In this video, we see a couple who had two embryos transferred back into the womb but one of them made identical twins, so they ended up with triplets - a pair and a spare.

Many womb twin survivors who contacted the womb twin research project decided, as part of their healing journey, that they are one of triplets, and at first that seemed rather outlandish as an idea - however here it is, taking place before your eyes!

Were you once a triplet? Comments and stories welcomed!

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