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Monday, May 12, 2014

Searching for something - but what?

 An article on the research web site corroborates the previous result from the questionnaire with over 800 people. In this case there  were only 15, but it interesting how the results are consistent, which ever way you lok at it....
First of all my main result is that this statement was significant and we can observe a tendency in the statements ìI have been searching for something all my life but I don’t know what it is.î It is an average result because it can be anything for example: loving extreme sports or going somewhere far away. However these statements did not show any significant results one by one. I think the reason for it that 15 womb twins are not enough to have more results. The reason of this searching is substituting the lost twin. Besides I think this searching is a very important result. In Althea’s questionnaire this statement stands in the second place (Hayton, 2009). So I can say that this special characteristic may describe the womb twin survivor population.

Comparing the womb twin group to the 99 people I have got significant result concerning the question of control and perfectionism.


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