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Monday, June 02, 2014

Poetry for womb twin survivors

There are several poems on the web site, sent to us by womb twin survivors at various times.

Read  poetry now

And there is a book of Althea's poetry here as a PDF   (Free to members of Womb Twin)

Details and download

Example: Dead and Undead

In the dead heart of a small part
That lies somewhere in the back of my mind
There is a hurricane that roars endlessly, silently screaming -

In the still centre of the rage that does not speak
In the sharp cutting edge of unfeeling coldness
In the clamped, fettered silence
In the empty, desperate, jolly laughter
There is a body lying somewhere offstage

The people walk past it unseeing;
The birds peck at the eyes, uncaring.
I dare not look - for it is myself.
My eyes are blinded by crows,
My flesh falls raggedly crumbling - I am dead

My silent voice is screaming for compassion!
Rescue me and love me back to life!
Soothe my sore eyes with soft caresses
Teach me to live! I cannot live
Without you.


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