Thursday, April 19, 2007

OK. I dare to make a connection between this wombtwin project and the recent happenings in Virginia. I'll get a lot of flak, but here it is: I don't know how to make footnotes work in this blog, so its available as a web page on my site.

Here is the introduction:

Cho Seung-hui was a murderer and he committed suicide after he had committed murder. The characteristics he showed as an individual formed a pattern, a particular style of personality, which would be familiar to some psychologists working in pre- and peri-natal psychology. Suicidal thoughts have been related to pre-birth experiences , and it is possible, when a twin or triplet dies before birth, for a fetus to be familiar with death. This article has been written to try and explain the tragedy of Virginia Tech in terms of a lost memory from the womb; a nightmare of death and survivor guilt. more......

Comments welcomed! [NB: The intention here is to illuminate a very dark place indeed, not to exonerate those who live in such places.]

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  1. Bravo Althea

    As painful as it is... you have made very credible references to substantiate your daring to make a connection..

    Sadly what is perpetuated in the Media only scratches the surface of what exists at Pre and Peri Natal levels of unresolved realities held within the womb.

    Gerald Burnett