Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter 24: Being a twin

I have always had a great interest in twins

A lifelong interest in twins was predictably very common among the respondents and was the second most popular statement among the respondents who were able to provide evidence of their twin.  An interest in twins can be expressed in all kinds of ways.  It may be simply a tendency to scan faces when among people, always noticing twins or people who look similar.  It may mean reading books about twins in general and focussing on lost twins in particular.  Womb twin survivors seem to take particular interest in anything to do with twinning and published in any medium.    

The fact that many hundreds of people carefully searched the Internet and found the Womb Twin web site, which was little-known at the time, suggests that they were very interested in twins and the death of a twin in particular.  Their emotional reaction to the material on the web site was sometimes overwhelming.  For these people, their reaction was proof enough that their feelings were related to the prenatal loss of their twin.

All my life I have had the feeling that I may have once been a twin
The use of ultrasound has revealed that in many “vanishing” twin pregnancies there are no symptoms at all.  If you were conceived before the 1980s when ultrasound scans were more regularly used, and if your mother had no symptoms during her pregnancy with you, then there would be no available evidence of your twin.  Until the mid 1990s, the incidence of “vanishing” pregnancies was either unknown or grossly underestimated, so there was nowhere for womb twin survivors to find confirmation of their deep conviction that they once had a twin.

In the absence of any physical evidence, there is no expert, however experienced and highly qualified, who can confirm that you are a womb twin survivor.  You will have to rely on your “gut instinct” and your intuition to work out whether or not there was a lost twin in your Dream of the Womb.

It may be that you have been given the idea of being a womb twin survivor recently by a therapist or friend.  If you are reading this book to find out whether or not you are a womb twin survivor, there is nothing here that will prove it to you, one way or the other.  After all, you are the world’s greatest expert on your experience of being yourself.  Never let anyone influence you, however persuasive their arguments may be.

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