Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 25: Tools for healing

Now that you are aware that you are, or may be, a womb twin survivor, it is time to begin the Womb Twin work.  The main task of the work is to gain a better understanding of how your own particular Dream of the Womb has been re-enacted in your life.  Every person is created as a self-healing organism but the natural course of healing can be deliberately blocked.  The Womb Twin work is about understanding and removing those blocks, using the available tools.  The main tools for healing are trust, truth and intuition.

To start the Womb Twin work, you will need determination.  The work is quite difficult in places and you will be fighting with yourself. It is possible to do this work on your own, but daring to trust one other person with this information may be healing in itself.  Perhaps you find it difficult to trust other people because of your experiences of being rejected and abandoned by your own womb twin.  When you were an embryo learning how to be a person, getting to know your womb twin was an important first lesson in trust. This lesson may have overridden your most basic instincts. It might be the cause of the ambivalence about relationships that lies behind your lack of trust. Ambivalence feels as if is there is one force propelling you forwards to a better life, while another, equal force is dragging you back. You are stuck and you need help.

We need other people.  Four hundred years ago, John Donne wrote: “No man is an Island, entire of itself.” This holds true today and will always hold true.  It would be good to have someone to walk with you as you begin the healing path.  If you have always felt that you must do everything by yourself, why not try asking for help?  You may be surprised by the results.

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