Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The new book: "Womb twin survivors" out today!

The complimentary copies, that will be sent to my lovely writing mentors; the people who checked the words, gave feedback and support at every turn; not to mention the winner of the WOMBTWIN sentence competition, are to be posted shortly.

The advance orders will be fulfilled just as soon as I am able to get payment, parcel them up and get them to a post office.

There are a few last-minute revisions for Lightning Source to process, and once those are settled, in the next few days, the book will be available to order from:

Wren Publications  (Thats me: I'll send them out as soon as they are delivered to me, so feel free to place an order now, just don't hold your breath.....)

All Amazon online outlets including:


Any street bookshop  (just quote ISBN 978-0-9557808-2-0)

I wonder what I used to do before I had a book to write? I suppose that, now its over, I am about the find out!!

Hoping to meet some of you in Nottingham on Saturday (see here)

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