Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Black Hole (1) Survivor guilt, anyone?

What is in your Black Hole? If you are a womb twin survivor and feel as if you shouldn't be here at all, here is a lovely reminder of how life itself is a gift.

The womb twin work is mainly about reconnecting with the life YOU have, that is distinct from your twin's little short life. It is entirely yours.   If you don't live it, no one will.

So here is the perfect antidote to survivor guilt: GRATITUDE!!

Matt started out being photographed all over the world and then he started dancing with people.... this is how he explained what became his way of life for a few years...

This just came to me today - I was supposed to write about womb twin kids today and how parents can play special games with their children to help them to speak about the lost twin to each other and along came dancing.

Maybe dancing with your kids to celebrate life is better than worrying about what to say!

Have a great day and when the Black Hole beckons ( watch this if you dont know what I mean) remember always to dance!


  1. I found this site while searching for info pertaining to survivor's guilt. I know someone whose twin recently passed away. Actually it wasn't too recent in a sense, as the twin's passing occurred more than a year ago. However I strongly believe the surviving twin suffers from survivor's guilt. Is there a website, or book that describes how to reach someone who suffers from this condition? I hope this person will be open to getting professional help, but I would like to know how to bring up the subject in such a way, to be able to make this suggestion... thank you.

    1. Try the twinless twins organisation. There are books listed on their site that may be good. I hope it helps. There are utube videos too.