Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Healing path (5) The death of illusion


The phantoms from the womb seem very real and present, because only in the false "knowledge" of that fantasy can you keep desolation at bay.  The heavy price price of awakening from your Dream of the Womb is to re-experience the desolation of being separated at birth from a place of safety where there once was the real presence of the Someone you hold most dear - your womb twin.   For you to be born fully, the Dream must die: you must wake up know that the Dream is over and your companions are dead and long gone.

This can be hard: in the recognition of death and separation is the pain of bleak and dismal emptiness. In parting is the grief of being utterly wretched and unhappy. In isolation from even those dear shreds of memory of your lost womb companions, is the most dreaded state of being totally abandoned and alone.

Letting go of the Dream
This "death" can be enacted in a symbolic way by entering into a ritual of separation from something or someone that you love very much.  It cannot repeat the original separation, but it will feel the same as it once did. It is a way to access the memory of the separation between you and your womb companions that happened so long ago.   You may have tried to make rituals before, but perhaps you were not yet ready to let go of everything.  One by one, the  features of your Dream can be explored and relinquished, perhaps in a series of symbolic acts. ( Like Frodo in "Lord of the Rings" if you are not prepared get hurt in order to achieve your aim; when there is no hope, to keep on hoping and in the end be prepared to destroy everything you hold most dear, then don't bother - stay at home and read the book.)

Once the deed is done, you are separated from the Dream that is holding you back. Now you can begin to grow to completeness.

The paradoxical reward

Then comes the paradoxical reward. By letting go you will get back: by giving away all that you hold most  dear, you will receive more gifts than you never dreamed possible, in an endless stream of generosity in the midst of abundance.

Can there be more? I hear you ask? Just wait until tomorrow!

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