Sunday, April 24, 2011

Womb twin kids: (1) Should I tell my child about their twin?

If you are a parent and  you were for a short while expecting  twins, but one twin died during the pregnancy - or was born dead- then should you tell your child? This is how the debate may go:

  •  But is it necessarily something your child needs to know ? 
  • The whole idea of pregnancy loss may just be too much for a child to understand.  
  • As a young child there is no need to tell her. 
  • It would be confusing and do much more harm than good.  
  • You certainly don't want your child to feel guilty about being the survivor. 
  • And you certainly don't want your child to feel remorse or mourning. 
  • I don't want to create a sense of loss that otherwise wouldn't exist.
  •  Telling your young womb twin survivor may be a way for you to preserve the baby's memory and make him/her part of the family in a more concrete way. It may be a way to let your other children know there was another baby. 
  •  Maybe if it was a logical time (i.e. perhaps if your womb twin kid is a girl and one day she may be pregnant with her own child.
  •  Tell a girl at the stage of having children herself, depending on see how emotionally stable she is at the time. I would hate her to grow up feeling that a part of her was missing. 
  •  Your child might overhear or sense it and get it twisted up, best to tell the truth, straight out. 
  •  Twins might run in your family. What if your son has a twin one day? Would you then want to say "Well, that's not too surprising as you were supposed to be a twin." 
  •  Waiting until the baby is a teenager risks it being a big deal. Telling it to the kid early on (in terms he / she can understand and then explaining in more adult terms when he is old enough to comprehend) almost guarantees it will never be a big deal or a problem. 
  • Be sure you know exactly what your want your child to take away from this information, and what you don't.
What do you think?

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