Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Womb Twin survivors misdiagnosed:(2) "Bipolar" disorder

Bi polar disorder is in my view not a "disorder" of any kind.

I think it is one of many ways in which womb twin survivors keep alive the deep prebirth impression of their womb twin.

When they are UP, cheerful, positive and full of creative energy they are in the Alpha space, being the strong Alpha womb twin survivor.

When they are DOWN  they are sad, weak, overwhelmed, unable to cope, and they are in the Beta space. They may cycle through these changes rapidly, within a few moments, or over many years. it is as if they cannot feel whole unless both sides are equally expressed in some way.

Here is an example: Jennifer has been called obsessive compulsive, ADD, and Bipolar. She believes the extreme verbal and mental abuse she received in her youth caused her to continue reliving the past in her mind.  When her mind was  obsessing on some negative notion of the past, she could not focus as she should.  She would erupt with great anger, as if she were  reminded by a similar incident of her past.

Constant resentful rumination on past hurts is a good antidote to Alpha energy.  Keeping negative energy, resentment in particular, alive is an excellent way to sabotage your  personal growth.

For a womb twin survivor who displays the symptoms of bipolar disorder, life has a balance and a kind of rough justice - that  one can be two people at once and never grow up or make anything of life. Never growing up is a good way to assuage survivor guilt.

Beta energy says NO
  • N - Negative
  • O - Overwhelming
Alpha energy says I CAN
  • I - Intelligent thinking
  •  C - Calm in spirit
  • A - Alpha energy
  • N - Newness of life

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