Monday, June 06, 2011

Another day, another article....

Today saw the publication of the Journal of the Association for The Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health.  Mainly concerned with childbirth issues, this organisation discusses the  long term effects on the adult of a variety of both prebirth and perinatal events.  The Journal is a particular delight to me, because so far they have published two articles by me - one on the possible prebirth origins of morbid obesity and the second out today, about the stress on a mother who has lost a twin in pregnancy and how her loss is usually unacknowledged:

Publication Date: 
September 2010
The death of a twin in the womb is traumatic for the mother. Pre- and perinatal psychology emphasizes the importance of a calm and stress-free pregnancy for the mother, so that the child will not be badly affected. The loss of one or more fetuses from a twin or multiple conception is unavoidably stressful. However, with full knowledge of the implications of such a death on all the parties involved and the opportunity to mourn the death openly, the stress on the pregnant mother can be reduced. Ways to reduce the stress on the mother are described.

 I can see the day coming, when the new, fully updated, 200 page paperback version of A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors ( currently a 36 page e-book)  is finally made available, when articles will be the way to get this news out there.
If I write an article every month of 2012, that would make a big difference, provided that editors don't dismiss it as a "load of tosh", as did the sceptic on the BBC last week! ...

I am currently making a list of peer-reviewed, professional journals that may publish this material : any suggestions?

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