Friday, June 24, 2011

The high testosterone female

When a women has high levels of testosterone, she is likely to experience some characteristic symptoms, according to the experts,  but obesity does not seem to be often mentioned.

On this site for example they mention:,
  • Increased Hair Growth:
  • Male Pattern Baldness:
  • Deepening of the Voice:
  • Skin Problems: excessive oiliness and acne.
But obesity creeps in by the back door, as it were in the form of " insulin resistance": More serious symptoms of high testosterone in women are the major health risks that can occur. High testosterone levels have been linked to insulin resistance, a condition that interferes with the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance can cause adult-onset diabetes, and can increase a woman's risk of heart disease as well as cancer of the breast and uterine lining.

Insulin resistance is known to be a major cause of weight gain. Strange how they missed that...... Again, as with the obese males I mentioned yesterday, when we see pictures of obese women who lose weight, it clearly looks as if they have reclaimed their femininity:

Since her divorce from Lenny Henry, Dawn French famously lost 40lbs over recent months, having been adamant for many years that she was "quite happy to be fat."  She has reclaimed her glamourous, stunningly beautiful self.

Is our new Dawn still the same old Dawn? Of course she is.  Just changing your body shape doesn't change who you are. It does however express something of how you wish to appear to the world; to send out a wordless message about the balance of male and female energy in your body.


Is this a pre-verbal message about a prenatal story?  Is Dawn a womb twin survivor? Does she carry too much testosterone because she once shared the womb with a twin brother and through the shared placenta she received an excess of testosterone?  Has she been subconsciously holding on to that extra male energy, in order to keep the memory of her twin alive in her life?

Would it help for her to realise that? I wonder.

There is an illustrated, fully referenced section about the exchange of hormones between male and female twin fetuses in my new book, "Womb Twin Survivors."

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