Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Towards the new healing book

At last, the shape of the new healing book is beginning to form in my mind.  At the moment, there is only an e-book with 30 steps and self-awareness exercises, which was written in 2004 and is now rather out of date, but at the moment it is the only resource I have for womb twin survivors to facilitate their healing. 

( Note: this is not the kind of e-book you can read on Kindle,  its a 32 page PDF file.) 

I'm not sure of what would make a good cover image,  but I have an idea - to use the shape of the KORU. a fern unfolding, symbolising new life.  Its a New Zealand, maori symbol.

The koru

Meanwhile I will have four parts and an epilogue, seventeen chapters and probably about 85,000 words. Very few illustrations this time, because all that information is already available in "Womb Twin Survivors."

I hope to be ready to start writing in November after the WOMB TWIN conference, (Coming? More here.) We will announce the results of the questionnaire  research which I hope will show that fraternal womb twin survivors are very different from fraternal twin survivors.  I will be exploring these new revelations in the new book.

Exciting times!

I would love to know what you think of the cover image.....

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