Monday, June 20, 2011

The vanishing twin syndrome "appears" in a counselling session

The twin who vanished is not gone: the vague memory of  Someone Else There remains in the mind of the survivor.  A trained and aware therapist can identify a womb twin survivor by their character traits and by the way they behave and what they say in the session. A sensitive therapist who can recognise the energy in the room can see changes in the energy as the subject is aired and worked through. This movie reveals a good example of this.

Five ways to "spot" a womb twin survivor in the therapy room:

1.  Direct mention of a twin -  usually in passing, tentative, hesitant because this fact is not usually taken at all seriously as leaving any kind of psychological effect.

2. Implication:  use of words like something missing, by other half, searching for a soul mate etc.

3.  The desire for the therapist to become a twin or behave like a twin ( this was described by Kohut as the  "twinning transference." but not understood as real.]

4. The client seems to show all of the commonest character traits: (see quiz here)

5. Within the relationship, the client sabotages the relationship by abandoning you or simply disappearing for no particular reason..... ( by that time its is of course too late to offer any help, so its best to spot this earlier on.)

There are many more signs that appear in therapy, this is just a taster.

I will be writing about this in my forthcoming book, :"A healing path for womb twin survivors" which should be ready by the summer of 2012.


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