Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Womb Twin Kids Project web site is now complete

Today I finished the Womb Twin Kids project web site.

Here is the logo:

On this site you will find details of four new books, which will appear in the next few months, to help children of various ages.

One of them, Two Little Birds, is about two little birds, Birdie and Beaky, who hatched out of the same egg.  Beaky, the weaker bird, was never able to fly properly and was soon lost among the flowers, leaving behind just one white feather. It is this same feather, the symbol of the lost twin, that adorns our logo.

Very exciting! I have the feeling that this is where my energy should now go.  I love children and have a grandson now, who is just about to celebrate his first birthday.  So here goes!

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