Friday, June 17, 2011

Womb Twin mathematics: Minus one....

Minus one

In the mathematics of conception, two becomes one.
Subtraction brings vanishing and extermination, 
Division multiplies yet diminishes into half.

Minus one, I am less than one, a negative number impossible to count.

In the language of conception plural becomes singular -
Wholeness becomes halfness and yet still one alone -
Plus and minus counteract and I must vanish into zero.

Minus one, I may be less than one, but I am more than zero!

Must I add another whole to make me one?
Must I divide and become two, to never be alone?
Impossible sums clash into negativity….

Plus one, I could be whole again!
Plus one, I  could be restored to half a pair!

But minus one is what I must be now
Forever -  into infinity.

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