Monday, July 11, 2011

Healing (10) finding your personal healing path

To move forward you will need to look back. Spend some time reading these pages again and discuss the ideas with as many people as you can. Try and make the idea of wombtwin survivors familiar, real and ordinary.
Allow yourself to hope that things could be different one day, however hard that may be to imagine. See the way you sabotage your life and imagine a world where you don’t do that any more and what life will be like. Experience yearning, longing and wishing and notice the healing energy that lies hidden in your dreams.
Why do you live the way you do? Why do you feel the way you do about yourself? Why do you have these strange fantasies? Chase these questions as far as you can with relentless logic until you can see that there is no reason why you should do such damage to yourself and your life - unless you are guilty about being alive.

Practise authenticity
Try to be totally honest to yourself about your limitations and your gifts, your faults and your graces. Check out with friends what they think of you and listen to them carefully. Make contact with your most vulnerable side and discover your human desire to dominate and destroy.
Know your personal Black Hole
Find the nightmare in your Dream and learn to recognise your own Black Hole. Notice every time you willingly sink into it and become overwhelmed by the destructive power that lies there.
On your healing path you will need:
  • FRIENDS to show you the truth about yourself
  • COURAGE to take total responsibility for your own life
  • WILLINGNESS to always make the most difficult choice.
So take care of your friends and they will take care of you. Hold fast to your commitment to healing and ask your friends to support you when the Black Hole feels very near. Commit yourself to healing and self development and be aware of all the teachers who are in your life to show you the way and the messengers who bring gifts when you are facing the right way.
Your greatest teacher is the Black Hole and the greatest gifts are to be found on the far side - so constantly remind yourself that if you do the most difficult thing you will remain on the right path.
Your healing path is to walk away from illusion and towards reality. As you gradually waken up to the fact that you are no longer stuck in the womb but born and in the world, you will begin to see other people in a new light. You will have to be prepared to stand your ground and claim your own space among other people. You will have to learn to listen with compassion to another's pain and hear people speak the truth about you with humility.
This healing path will be the most difficult challenge ever but the rewards will come thick and fast once you make a start.


  1. I love the comment "Pour Love onto Everything". It sounds adiorable and simple.... I know it is not so simple for some people.

  2. It is not simple or easy, but transformational healing proceeds by always choosing (and doing) the most difficult thing. That's the way towards personal development!