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Healing (2) Finding the facts behind the imprint

In the womb, you learned very, very fast indeed. In spurts of activity, your tiny body moved rapidly. Throughout this frenzied movement, your neural networks were at once being formed and pruned. The formation of your neural networks was the creation of a large number of links between a large number of neurones.

Each neurone was just one single cell among many millions of other neurones. Each had many hundreds of tiny little tendrils extending from it, each capable of meeting and connecting with the ends of other tendrils of other neurones. The resultant web of neurones, all connected to one another, is what now makes up your brain and spinal cord. The more connections you have, the higher your IQ. Somewhere in all that complexity is a simple, primitive imprint of your life in the womb.
Now all this may sound a bit far-fetched for a tiny creature the size of a bean growing rapidly in half a wine-glass full of amniotic fluid, but this is indeed what was going on. When you were that size, all those years ago, your neurones were growing at such a rate that you were much, much more sensitive to your environment than you are now, and enormous quantities of information about what was going on around you must have come pouring in.

In your earliest weeks of development, you were so sensitive to the slightest change or movement that the presence of another little bean-sized person, swimming in the amniotic sac next door might just have been perceptible.

Experts specialising in pre-natal psychology, such as Thomas Verney and David Chamberlain, believe that the imprint of the womb is wired into the brain of everyone who has ever been born. If there was another little being there close by, who was also growing and reaching out, then it is not beyond the bounds of the imagination to suggest that you were capable of a very primitive, vague awareness of Another, even though you did not have enough brain to understand who or what it was.

Identical ( monozygotic) twin survivors
If you were an identical twin survivor, you had an identical twin who developed from the same fertilised egg. If so, then your twin was the same genetic make up and the same sex as you. You are of course exactly the same age as your identical wombtwin, for the original zygote split to form both you and your twin at the same moment. If you shared the same amniotic sac the body of your dead twin would have remained with you inside the sac as you grew alongside it. Your Dream is a strange feeling that half of you is "dead".

Fraternal (dizygotic) twin survivors
If you were a fraternal twin survivor, your twin developed from another egg fertilised in the same month. You each had a separate placenta and a separate amniotic sac. You have a different genetic make-up and might be a different gender from your lost twin. Your Dream is probably expressed as an attraction to twins. Survivor guilt, particularly about your personal strengths and vitality, is also

Higher order (multiple) pregnancies
Perhaps you were conceived along with two or more other foetuses. They may have been identical or fraternal. The impression on your brain will include some identity confusion, as you seem to be several people at once. You may already have a living twin but carry the "imprint" of a missing triplet!

The death of your wombtwin(s)

After several weeks of normal development, your wombtwin was lost completely and suddenly through a miscarriage. You were left suddenly alone. If this was your story then you have a strong sense of Someone Else, but also a deep and paradoxical sense of abandonment, plus mixed feelings about being alone.
After several weeks of development, which may not have been proceeding normally, your wombtwin died. The body was resorbed and gradually faded away. In most cases of "vanishing twins" there is no physical sign whatever, so your mother would have had no idea what was happening. If this happened to you then you carry a vague feeling of a tiny, very fragile presence that briefly made itself felt but gradually deteriorated.
You grew from your earliest origins alongside an unresponsive presence. It may have been a blighted ovum, which is a fertilised egg that grew enough to form a placenta and an undifferentiated bunch of cells, but did not get as far as a fully formed embryo. It may have been a fetus papyaceus - i.e. the mummified body of your twin. If you are the survivor of this series of events, you will probably carry in some way the imprint of an unchanging, redundant presence that is doing no more for you than take up space.

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