Thursday, July 21, 2011

Healing (20) Are you ready for change?

Does something in your life need to change?
 Are there things you do, feel or believe that get you into trouble, ruin your happiness and leave you feeling miserable or full of resentment? If so, then you have a problem. Now you can solve the problem, leave things as they are or look as if you are trying to solve the problem while carefully making sure that it remains unsolved.

Re-enacting your Dream of the Womb gets you into all kinds of trouble and often leads you into despair, but you make no effort to get to grips with the problem and solve it , once and for all

This is further proof that the re-enactment of your Dream of the Womb is the principal task of your life. Nothing is more important than that - absolutely nothing. You may see your marriage failing; your health breaking down; your future in ruins, but you still hold fast to the way things have always been.

Try solving your problem
Now I am going to set you a challenge. Just for three weeks, why not make a real effort to solve your problem? You know exactly what your problem is and exactly what to do to solve it, however hard you try to convince yourself that you are stuck where you are, in your Black Hole.
  • Know what your problem is
  • Observe the situation that creates the problem
  • Notice how you are making it happen, every time
  • Ponder about the problem of solving your problem
  • Assess the possibilities of ever solving your problem
  • Consider the range of choices available to you at this moment
  • Take control of your own process of problem solving
  • Exercise the power of choice to decide whether to attempt to solve the problem or not
  • Inch forward, checking out at all times whether or not you are in control of the process
How was it for you?
If you can solve your problem for three weeks you can solve it for good, once you have let go of the Dream.
The pace of change
Even if you do set about solving your problems and try to engage with the process of your own healing, you will set the pace of change to match your Dream of the Womb.
  • Slow change is due to deficiencies, in time, talent, attention, motivation and incentive. It is a reflection of a mentally deficient wombtwin.
  • Constant change is due to over enthusiasm, impulsiveness and chaotic modes of thinking. It is a reflection of a highly active wombtwin, whose development became progressively more chaotic until death ensued.  
  • No change is due to blocked energy and fear of change itself.
Fear of change begins in the womb, where your womb twin changed considerably as he or she grew. He or she may have grown into a monster - perhaps with missing limbs, or swollen into a strange shape. The body may have been shrunken into a fragment of what it once was. Of course you fear change! In your Dream change is a very bad idea indeed, and invariably fatal.
The rewards of change
If you carry survivor guilt as your burden, then you will not be able to allow yourself to experience the great gifts of a fresh look at your life; a re-evaluation of all your priorities and a more hopeful outlook. For you change must never come because you could not stand all that happiness - you must remain bitter and disappointed for the rest of your life.
If you carry guilt as your burden then you cannot allow yourself that chance to repent and apologise, set things right and make a fresh start with a clean slate. If you carry pain you cannot allow yourself to live pain free. The rewards of change are not to be for you.
Ending your repetition compulsion
That compulsion you have been stuck in for years is your problem. It is a treadmill that will lead you nowhere but to misery. If you will only let go of that illusion that your womb twin is still alive and there beside you somewhere, then you will have peace and rest.
 The Freudians blame it all on the parents: but we know better!

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