Friday, July 01, 2011

Healing for womb twin survivors - the e-book

Throughout the month of July, I will set out the 30 steps of the Healing Path, as described in this ebook:

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This ebook was written over the winter of 2005/6 and detailed a healing path for womb twin survivors, at least as it seemed to me at the time....

The basic programme of four stages remains unaltered, and will be used again in my new updated healing book, which I hope to finish next year.

Phase one: An introduction
Steps 1-2 provide a simple explanation of how a vague impression of the
presence and loss of the womb twin is being constantly re-enacted as the
Dream of the Womb.

Phase two: Finding a healing path
Steps 3-8 set out a series of reflections and exercises to help womb twin
survivors to clarify their own Dream of the Womb.  

Phase three: Towards letting go
Steps 9-20 form the longest and most intense period of work. The
reflections and exercises are designed to clarify and explain some of the
more baffling aspects of being a womb twin survivor.

Phase four: Awakening from the Dream
Steps 22-30 encourage awakening and growth, following the
acceptance that the womb twin is now gone and out of reach.

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