Friday, August 26, 2011

Books for womb twin survivors: the final book about healing

So we come to the final book in the Womb Twin series. There will be more for children, as we shall see tomorrow, but this is the last one that I shall write for womb twin adults.  I hope to have it ready for editing in September 2012 and published in time for the 2012 Womb Twin conference in London.

This will be a book about the process of healing that womb twin survivors undergo, almost spontaneously, as they awaken from their Dream of the Womb. I touched on this in the final part of Womb Twin Survivors; the lost twin in the Dream of the Womb, simply for completeness, but there is much, much more to say about healing - another 15 chapters and 90000 words, in fact! 
Since 2002, when I recognised my own womb twin, I have been on a healing journey myself and when I started this is was my only guide, for no one had written about this before, as far as I could establish, apart from Elizabeth Noble in her book Primal Connections (1993) where the lost twin is mentioned in passing, as part of the intrauterine experience and memory.

Then in 2004 came in French:
Dr Claude Imbert    Un seul être vous manque... : Auriez-vous eu un jumeau ?
Dr. Claude Imbert opens a new path in the history of psychology, revealing her discovery: the high incidence of twins early losses go unnoticed in early gestation. 
Then in German in March 2006 came:

Evelyne Steinemann:  Der verlorene Zwilling: Wie ein vorgeburtlicher Verlust unser Leben prägen kann
Evelyne Steinemann has, with examples from therapeutic practice, revealed this hitherto little known and underrated primal phenomenon: Far more twins die unnoticed before birth than are born. The case studies show how this loss of life characterizes the trauma and how it can be overcome.

Followed shortly in May 2006 by:

Das Drama im Mutterleib. Der Verlorene Zwilling by Alfred and Bettina Austermann
With tangible facts and moving case studies, the authors explain the vanishing twin syndrome. They describe what empathy means a lost twin. The consequences of early loss can be described in detail and identified ways of spiritual healing.
But no one was writing in English. Perhaps I could, I thought, so the Womb Twin Project began.

So I set to. I noted my own pathway to healing, which seemed to have taken five main steps:
1. Acknowledging the truth of being a womb twin survivor

2. Making your twin a real person - the biological detail, the story of your mother's pregnancy

3. Recognising the extent to which you have kept the life and death of your twin alive in your Dream of the Womb

4. Allowing your twin to die, a letting go ritual

5 Awakening from the dream
That is the skeleton of the book to come. Once I have the results of the analysis of the 1200 questionnaires I will be able to put flesh on these bones and complete the work within a year. I hope.

Here is an image of what the cover MIGHT look like,  but we have a long way to go yet....

Before that date, if you need advice about healing and a way forward, there is the ebook here.

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